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All You Need To Know About Contact Circle Lens

Perfect Circle lens are cosmetic contact lens designed to make the iris appear bigger and hence the eyes also appear bigger than they actually are. These lenses are not considered medical devices, but rather as a fashion statement. They are more popular with teenagers, young adults and celebrities.

Design of Circle contact lens: they come in different sizes and are tinted to cover the iris of the eyes and also the additional wider rim of the lens. This creates an illusion of wider and bigger iris and hence an appearance of bigger eyes. The middle part of the lens (the pupil) is left transparent and big enough to enable crystal clear vision. They come in different colors and shapes.

Available formats: When initially launched, they were available in yearly disposable contact lens. Now, they have grown in popularity and are available in weekly, fortnightly and monthly disposable formats.

Types of popular circle contact lens

There are four different types of circle contact lens to choose from. These are:

Tint Visibility Contact Lenses: they do not change the color of your eyes in anyway. Their purpose is to ease the handling of circle contacts. They are very thin and soft and are either light green or light blue tint. They are easy to find in case you accidentally drop them.

Enhancement Tint Contact Lenses: these enhance the original color of the eyes but do not bring a dramatic change. They are best for people with light eyes.
Opaque Tint Contact Lenses: they dramatically change the natural color of the eyes, except the pupil. They are suitable for dark and light eyes.
Color Block Contact Lenses: they come in various designs and patterns, and will completely change the color of the eyes. Some people find it difficult to see well while wearing them.

How to choose the right circle lens

The water content: this is the ratio of the water content in the lens to the mass of the lens. Higher water content means more flexibility and hence lose its form with handling. Less water ratio ensures rigidity and easier handling. Choose the right water ratio to match the wetness of your eyes.
The diameter of the lens: there are different sizes, but remember the area outside the iris called the limbal ring also contributes to the effect. Consider both diameter and the limbal ring sizes.

Base curve: only an ophthalmologist can tell what is required. Wearing contact lens with wrong curve will cause you discomfort. Well fitting contact lens cover the entire cornea and will slightly move whenever you blink. If they move a lot, they will cause discomfort and harm.

Availability and where to buy

Circle lens are very popular in the Asian countries where they originated and are mostly manufactured. Here they can be bought from some stores without a prescription. In the western countries availability varies according to the current local laws. In the US, they are considered as medical devices and are only sold with a doctor's prescription. You can purchase the lens at www.circlelensmall.com for the widest varieties and best discounted prices.

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